Guide to Selecting the Right Electric Motorcycle Motor

Guide to Selecting the Right Electric Motorcycle Motor

The electric motorcycle motor you select depends on your riding behavior and personal preferences. Fortunately, there is always an electric motor for motorcycle for every type of rider. As manufacturers keep competing for the market of electric bikes, new versions with better range and compact sizes are being released. With multiple options available, it is challenging to find the ideal motor for your electric bike.

Uses of Your Bike

For many years, the drive behind buying an electric motorcycle was to minimize carbon footprint. This has evolved and now you can find electric motors that offer high performance. Therefore, you can choose the electric motorcycle motor that suits your riding requirements. Ideally, you can find motors that can be fitted on bikes for touring, commuting, canyon carving, track riding, and adventure riding.


What range can be offered by your electric motorcycle motor? The range is defined as the distance the motorcycle covers on a single charge. However, the range can be affected by various factors, such as weather conditions, road type, traffic, rider’s style, and rider’s weight and height. When choosing the electric motorcycle motor, you need to make these estimations. Think about your daily mileage and the nature of the route. Remember that the range varies from one motor to another.


After considering your purpose for the bike and the desired range, you should consider the electric motorcycle motor’s power, speed, and torque. Ideally, this means what you should expect when riding. You should note that an electric motorcycle has a higher speed than gas-powered bikes.


Modern electric motorcycle motors are more technologically advanced as compared to their internal combustion engine counterparts. Other than their interactive dash, they have advanced safety features. Thus, as a rider, you can always be sure you are safe. The motor and its computing system use cameras, radar, and non-visual sensors to monitor the direction, and speed of various objects around the bike.

Some manufacturers have developed apps that can connect to the motorcycle motor. Through the apps, you can know the condition of your bike and access other features such as GPS tracking.

Battery Life

As you know, the battery is quite important in the life of an electric bike. This is because it is the battery that powers the motor. Therefore, it makes sense to consider the battery life. How long does it take to be depleted of its charge? It is advisable to get a battery with a long life. Some batteries sold by manufacturers have an excellent lifespan. Ideally, by the time you plan to replace the battery, you will be buying a new bike.


Electric motorcycle motor manufacturers offer a warranty. Make sure you read it carefully because it varies from one manufacturer to another. Find out the parts of the motor it covers. If you are careful, you can see some pitfalls in the warranty.


The truth is that you can get an electric motorcycle motor on any budget. This is because electric bikes are now available to all people and many manufacturers have taken up the initiative to produce them on a large scale.