How to Get the Right Band Charger for Your Device

How to Get the Right Band Charger for Your Device

You have a great fitness band, and you love it. That explains why the tiny battery is ever drained. You need to get the right band charger. This will help you maximize the battery life and get the most out of your smart band. These are tips to help you choose the best smart band charger that suits your needs.

Type of USB Socket

This is pretty straightforward. Many of the smart bands available on the market use the micro USB socket. However, some manufacturers have come up with unique USB sockets. Make sure you check the specifications of the band or read the user’s manual.


When purchasing a band charger, you need to be sure that it matches the required voltage of your smart band. For instance, when voltage is low, your device will charge slowly and it might fail to attain the full charge. On the other hand, when it is high, it can damage the battery and even the band. By checking the manufacturer’s specifications, you can always be safe.

Also, you should pay attention to Milliampere-hour (mAh). This is because it determines the battery capacity and the charger’s energy transfer rate. Ideally, the higher the better.

Type of Charger

These are the common types of band chargers you will find on the market.

- Wall chargers – Most smart bands will come with this type of charger as the default. Ideally, it is a tiny box with a USB port.

- Car Socket Chargers – You can also find a band charger that is built into a 12-volt light socket commonly found in many cars. However, these chargers have high current ratings and can easily damage your battery.

- Portable Chargers – Ideally, these are power banks that can your smart band. They are designed to allow you to charge your band while on the move.

- Battery-only chargers – These are spare battery chargers. You can use them to charge the extra battery. In this way, you can have extra batteries for your smart band.

Read Reviews

Before buying anything, it is vital to read reviews. Most of the band chargers available on the market are made of low-quality components. The problem with such chargers is that they easily short-circuit. If the brand has a great reputation and several excellent customer reviews, you can be assured you have a great charger. It does not matter whether you are buying OEM band chargers, you should counter-check to get the genuine ones. If you are buying from online marketplaces, you should be wary of sellers that have a poor reputation.

The truth is that purchasing a band charger for your device does not have to be difficult. However, it calls for a lot of research. When you read reviews, you get an idea of what you should expect from a given brand. It is advisable to go for top brands such as Huawei as they are tested and proven to work. Also, you can be assured to get a band charger that is durable. You should pay attention to amperage, lousy quality, and voltage.