Types Of CNC Machines Available At DDPROTOTYPE

Types Of CNC Machines Available At DDPROTOTYPE

CNC machines use computerized systems to manufacture components. They can create everything from a distinctive prototype to aerospace components. However, setting up a self-owned CNC machining plant is a gigantic project. It's not feasible for many startups or companies with little use for CNC machining.

Hence, the need for a reliable machining service paves its path. But, the market is flooding with countless CNC machining companies. Although, the end decision entirely depends on your needs and preferences. But if you have a China-based organization, the DDPROTOTYPE is a valuable Manufacturing solution you can steer to today.

Most Common Kinds of CNC Machines

Nowadays, many CNC companies provide a wide range of CNC machining services. You can choose CNC milling, turning, drilling, wire, and standard EDM. Let's take a closer look at the details.

CNC Milling Machines

CNC milling is ideal for constructing complex parts with detailed geometries. These machines include a cutting head attached to the moving spindle, which removes the excess material from the piece to craft the desired geometry. The workpiece is set on a worktable, and the machine's arm is adjusted on top of it.

Since CNC milling revolves around cutting the material and not molding it, it is the most expensive type of machining. Standardly, all machines allow a tolerance control up to +-0.005mm.

CNC Turning Machines

In CNC milling machines, the cutting tool moves while the workpiece remains stationary. However, in CNC turning, the working tool remains non-moving while the material moves around to create the desired shape. Since the active mechanisms of both machines are different, the final pieces are also different.

CNC turning machines are best for tapered, spherical, cylindrical, and threaded designs. Commonly these machines ensure a tolerance of 0.005 mm while the surface toughness follows the ISO 2632/1-1975 standard. CNC turning machines work perfectly on various materials like aluminum, steel, copper, PMMA, PC, etc.

CNC Lathe Machines

The third most common type of CNC machine is the CNC lathe machine. These devices are most suitable for creating precise outer and inner diameters for round or cylindrical components. Everyday objects like pipes and shafts are the familiar illustration of CNC lathe machines.

CNC lathe machines also move cutting tools and stationary work pieces like the turning machines. Some advanced lathe machines also have sub-spindles and other automatable features and are commonly named CNC Turning Centers.

Why Should You Choose DDPROTOTYPE For Your Next Project?

The market outlays numerous CNC machining services you can pick. However, it is always valuable to have a head start so the overall process becomes more manageable. If you contact the DDPROTOTYPE for your upcoming design realization, they will provide the following:

  • The knowledgeable and experienced experts ensure the exact specifications are followed. Also, you get various machining options like deep drills, varying wall thickness, distinctive structure, etc.
  • The company houses 100 plus manufacturing and testing machines, so their customers get a one-stop shop for all their projects. Some of the most prominent equipment the company owns are CMM and Jingdiao CNC machines (3 and 5 axes).

Final Verdict

CNC machines differ in their construction capacities. Some are ideal for constructing holes, deep cavities, and complex designs, while others are great for making spherical objects. Since setting up a CNC machining plant is not an ordinary deal, several companies do the tedious manufacturing processes for you.

DDPROTOTYPE is an excellent CNC machining company. With over 50+ machine operators and highly experienced engineers, they guarantee nothing except perfection.