Work Principle Of Sand Washing Machine

Work Principle Of Sand Washing Machine

Sand washing machines, sometimes called wheel washers and silica washers, are washing devices for synthetic and natural sand. It is one of the critical pieces of machinery in the sand manufacturing process. This equipment's primary function in the sand manufacturing process is to clean up the crushed sand.

Explained, the purpose of a sand washing machine is to remove stone powder (dust) from the sand.

1. Bucket-Wheel Sand Washing Machine

The primary purpose of a bucket wheel sand washing machine, famous mining equipment, is to wash the material to improve the material quality by removing impurities, soil, and other contaminants.


The sand washing machine consists of a motor that drives the impeller to rotate at high speed. The sand is fed into the washing tank through the inlet, and then rotates and washes under the action of the impeller. Finally, it is discharged from the outlet.

Working Principle

The impeller rotates slowly while the motor, V-belt, reducer, and gear turn slowly. The gravel is fed through a trough into the washing tank, which tumbles beneath the impeller and grinds the contaminants off the gravel's surface.

Dehydrate the coated sand by destroying its water vapor layer. At the same time, add water to create a strong water flow. This will help you remove foreign objects with low specific gravities and minor contaminants and dispose of them from the overflow port after cleaning.

The blades remove the clean sand, and then the sand is discharged from the rotating impeller into the discharge chute to finish the cleaning process.

2. Sand Washing Screw

The muck and contaminants combined with the sand and gravel can be cleaned and separated using a sand cleaning screw. Its innovative structure, dependable transmission, and customized runoff barrier dish guarantee decontamination and water removal from the deep surfaces.

The sand washer is frequently used in the construction, hydropower, road, and other sectors for cleaning, removal of sand and other contaminants. These machines can wash all the particles from small to large size. That is why it’s an excellent solution while construction.


The tank body, a motor, speediness controller, bracket, slide, and helical blade make up the sand washer screw. To prevent the spiral blade from drooping and distorting, the bracket is bonded to the blade & shaft is installed before being pressed.


In the lower portion of the inclined tank, a deposition tank is created by a sand washer screw, and the coiled pate is inserted into the deposition tank.

By using the pressure mechanism, water pass through the filters to remove all contaminates. Different filters are used to remove different sized particles. All the removed particles collect though the functioning of blades.

The rotor’s shaft is attached with the coiled blade and the shaft by speed operator. The tasks of washing, drying, and organizing are done using the gravity rule where the large heavy particles can easily isolate from the small-sized particles.

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