ZigBee Technology and Its Applications

ZigBee Technology and Its Applications

Zigbee is a suit of Wireless Communication Protocols based on IEEE 802.15.4 Standards. This is used to create a Personal Area Network in small areas (10 to 100 meters) like homes and Industries etc., to wirelessly control the operation of different electronic devices, sensors, and controllers.

It is used to create low power and data rates and simultaneously low-cost networks. Zigbee WPANs, operating frequencies are 868 MHz, 902to 928MHz, and 2.4 GHz. It is commonly used with Local Host, so no data charges are applied.

Applications of Zigbee in the IoT

Zigbee is used for wirelessly monitoring systems, control devices, transmitting information, and Automation purposes. Manny IOT application uses Zigbee technology nowadays. Its most significant applications in IoT are detailed below:

1. Home Automation

Despite other technologies like Alexa, Google Home, etc. Zigbee is a perfect and economical suit for smart home automation. It enables users to remotely monitor and control their home appliances like Air Conditioners, Heaters, Lights, Fans, security systems, gates, etc.

2. Smart Safety System

With Zigbee, we can remotely access the safety system of our homes, offices, and industry. It can transmit data from fire alarms, moisture Sensors, Temperature sensors, etc., to our mobile phones enabling us to remotely monitor the safety system and take necessary steps to counter emergencies.

3. Home Patient Monitoring

Zigbee can monitor a remote patient's health conditions at his home without coming to the hospital. The patient wears sensors with a Zigbee device which transmits his health conditions like pulse rate and body temperature information to a far doctor.

4. Electric Vehicle Charging Scheduling

As EV technology advances, more and more users are using Electric vehicles, which comes with the headache of scheduling and controlling vehicle charging. Zigbee also adds its services in this field by allowing the user to remotely schedule and control the charging of his Vehicle from his mobile or laptop.

5. Smart Metering System

The residential electric meters need daily monitoring. However, the electric officers can't take the readings regularly. Zigbee modular has solved this issue within minutes.

Zigbee modulator is used to make an automatic electric meters reading network. This network connects all the meters to the electric office's database, which safe all the readings.

6. Building Health Monitors

Zigbee sensors are installed in buildings to detect damages during natural disasters. These sensors are excellent for places that are more sensitive to earthquakes. By sensing the building's health, many human lives can save at the right time.

7. Smart Smoke Detectors

The Alibaba zigbee module manufacturers designed a wide range of these modules that can use in multiple applications. Zigbee modular is also used in smoke detecting alarms. The Zigbee smoke sensors can detect even a tiny amount of smoke and send personal alerts through the app.

8. Communication Network Formation

Zigbee modules are used for the local to large-area communication network development. This module can connect many small area networks to build a vast network of interconnecting users.

This technology is a great step towards wireless area networking.


Zigbee module is used in a wide range of applications from small to a broad areas. If you also want to build your network, check a wide collection of Zigbee modules of different brands on Alibaba.