Tips and Tricks on How You Can Maintain Your Water Misting System

Tips and Tricks on How You Can Maintain Your Water Misting System

Alibaba misting systems are affordable to reduce heat stress during the hot summer season. When they fail to meet the requirements, it becomes even more difficult.

If you use them for a long time, it is a good idea to do annual maintenance and periodic check-up, either on your own or with professional help. Here are a few suggestions that may help you save thousands of dollars or more if you choose the alternative.

Tips to Maintain a Misting System

  1. Pipe cleaning,
  2. Check for leaks from time to time,
  3. To maintain the pump
  4. Change a filter

Pipe Cleaning

Corrosion and other materials accumulation are common in misting system pipes like any other water system. These elements can reduce or block the water pressure. Corrosion is also possible in Alibaba misting machines where proper filters are used.

So, the timely cleaning system pipes is important for the better functionality of machines. Check the pipes and connected nozzles and use rust-removing chemicals or cleaning solutions.

Check for Leaks

Any leak in the misting system can significantly affect the water pressure, which ultimately causes less mist formation. The leaks can be detected in two ways;

  • Notice if the amount of mist decrease
  • Thoroughly check all the pipes for leakage while doing routine maintenance

You can either replace or renovate the required area based on the leak size and area. You can buy a wide range of replacement parts from Alibaba misting system hardware collection for your machine.

Pump Maintenance

The maintenance of the mist system pump is the most essential as the whole system depends on this factor. Usually, the basic maintenance is less time-consuming and does not demand a high cost. Primary pump maintenance includes the oiling of parts and cleaning of filters. Almost all the manufacturer provides the restoration manuals to their buyer, which makes it easier to open and fix the pump parts if needed.

The oiling of pump bolts and other connections helps decrease the friction; the greater the friction, the more heat will produce, and the pump will get heat up quickly. The heating up of the pump can reduce its functioning time and also affect its quality. After 50 hours of use, you should replace the pump oil, and the 2nd replacement should be done after 500 hours.

Change Filter

From time to time, change your filter, disassemble the filter housing, remove the old filter cartridge and insert a new one. The amount of filter change in the material depends on the quality of water supplied to the mixing pump. Regardless of water conditions, filter cartridges should be replaced at least once a year or during cooling. Supplemental water conditioning is available in areas with very strong water to reduce pipe malfunction.


One of the most important requirements of the Alibaba mist machine for having a high-quality misting system is to maintain proper performance. Follow the above-mentioned service and repair schedule and keep your misting system running all summer while keeping it up to date by keeping it neat.